Chile Final Thoughts

Chile was amazing in a lot of aspects. Its fansinating that the widest part of Chile is around 175 kms.  Which makes sense once you arrive in this spectacular country.  The pacific ocean covers one side while the other side is the Andes mountain range which seperates Chile from Argentina.

The Carretara Austral is probably the best highway ever built in my books.  The scenery is breathtaking as the road curves its way through the Andes.  The lakes and towns dotted along the way adds special character to this unique highway.

Another spectacle that Chile has to offer is the Perito Moreno glacier.  Amazing in its size and is apparently one of two advancing glaciers in the world.  To see it in person is a site to see as you see its many blues while hearing it crack with sounds of thunder as it slowly moves.  Don´t miss this if you are in the area.

Torres Del Paine is a gorgeous national park where you can book trekking adventures or just drive through to take in the sites.  Most national parks in Chile will cost you an entrance fee.

Santiago the capital of Chile is quiet busy but has lots to do and lots of things to see.  Unfortunately there is a lot of smog but dont let that deter you from visiting this place. 

Pichilemu is known as one of the best places to big wave surf in the world.  The hostels in this area are really nice and most provide surf lessons.  Dont miss watching the big wave surfers in the morning or afternoon as they are dwarfed by the size of the wave they are on.

Pan American highway is tolled but is amazingly fast and well paved.  There are always workers on the road cleaning or repaving the road to ensure its great state.  Not a whole lot of traffic and we never encountered a traffic jam once unlike our Highway 1 where theres traffic all the time.  The toll is around 1.20-1.40 CAD every 50 or more kilometers.

What we have noticed is that there is cell phone coverage everywhere!  Even in the subway.  Also, Chile seems to be recovering well from the earth quake and not a whole lot of damage is noticable unless you are looking for it.  Conception was probably the most notable as buildings were fenced off from being unstable from the large cracks running down the sides.

Chile provides too many things to list.  The above is just some of the things we enjoyed as we travelled through.  There is plenty more that we missed.